Friday, 9 December 2016

Intrapreneurship is the way forward in 2017 for businesses

The key to businesses becoming even bigger in 2017 will be intrapreneurship. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is basically when someone who works within a firm uses their entrepreneurial skills to build the firm without incurring any of the cost or risks involved in running a business. Now, what would this mean for businesses, it would mean encouraging their employees to be more creative, and motivated and to think outside of the box. This would make employees feel more like they are a part of the company and less disposable. When employees feel more important and confident in their jobs they generally perform better and are more likely to work harder.

So, for 2017, companies looking to grow their brand should explore the hiring of people with an intrapreneurial mindset, especially in departments such as sales and marketing, as well as managerial posts. Just imagine how much more ground would be broken and covered if a person worked as though a company were also their own. 

We see this as an under explored means of growth for a company, but once done correctly we think many company will experience massive overall improvement. The only learning curve that the company stands to face with employees of this mindset would be the challenges as it pertains to company policies as well as rules and bureaucracy. But, once they learn to give the intrapreneur enough space to take creative initiative and execute without letting the policies and rules that threaten to hamper the exploration of new initiatives get in the way, then this should not be much of an issue. And or course the intrapreneur should also understand how to work, build and grow within certain limits.

All in all this is definitely the way forward in a world dominated by millennials. Tell us what you think about this and if this is something that you would like to explore in 2017.