Friday, 3 June 2016

How to follow up after a job interview

So the interview process has taken place and now the waiting game begins. Do you just sit and wait or do you begin to silently stalk your potential employer? Maybe send them a gift with flowers to leave a lasting impression.....

Let us give you three (3) tips and tricks that we think might help you in the after interview process. Helping you follow up with grace and not desperation. 

Tip 1). After the interview process is done, write down how you felt about it and any questions that you may have about it. Also, make notes on what was asked of you and how you responded to that. It also helps to remember and make a note of who the names of the persons who interviewed you were and their positions. All of this information helps in the thank you notes that you will be sending to each interviewer.

Tip 2). Find your most realistic friend (you know the one that gives you the advice that you do not want to hear, but always makes the most sense) and take your notes to them in conversation. Let them know how the interview went, leaving out no details (the good, the bad, and the ugly). This will help when they give you a realistic perspective on how they think the interview may have gone. Doing this will keep you in perspective on how well the interview really went, helping you keep things realistic when it comes to future interviews and what you can do to make them better. 

Tip 3). Time to get old fashioned and write some thank you notes to your interviewers. Whether you thought the interview went well or not, this is very important, as it leaves a great impression on the potential employer and in some cases is the deciding factor in those that get hired and those that do not. 

Remember keep your thank you note simple and each different from the next in the case of multiple interviewers. 

For example:

Dear Bob,

Thanks for inviting me to be interviewed by your company. It was a pleasure meeting you and your fellow colleagues Jane and Philip. Looking forward to continuing the discussion and learning more about what’s in the works at Grass is Greener.

Enjoy your week,

Summer Rain