Friday, 3 June 2016

Secrets that you should never trust your HR with.

This post is a necessary evil due to the lack of understanding by every employee about the HR community. This community of individuals always fall prey to having to think in a certain fashion in order to adequately serve the company as well as the mangers for which they work. After all HR is a job just like any other, with job specs that need to be executed, just like any other.

When people fail to understand HR, it cause them to distrust HR and a such see them as the enemy, which is not necessarily the case, at least not by choice anyway. One simply cant pigeon hole HR employees.

Yes, some HR staff are mean thoughtless and careless of employee rights, but not all are the same. Either way before you share your secrets with HR, know what you are working with. In most every work place there are ten things that you should never share with HR. So, without further ado let's begin.

Top 5 things that you should never share with your HR staff: 

1). You have a second job. This type of information forces the HR individual/s to put into question your dedication to the company. If you are loyal and how long you might be with the company, aka whether you are planning to leave or not. None of these things you want to have placed into question. Why? Because it makes you seem unreliable. In the cases where HR is trustworthy the team may take it as a sign they may need to find ways to help you stay and regain your trust and focus in the company. However, the alternative will simply use that information to limit your role in the companies affairs and stifle your growth,  have you investigated and eventually fired.

2). You have a medical condition that may affect your work performance. If you share this type of information with HR more than just the basics of it, you will cause your employer to work around you to protect the company's productivity. They would begin anticipating that you may be absent and as such cannot be counted on. In this case you can say goodbye to promotions and opportunities of any nature. Not a place you want to be.

3). You have participated in some illegal activity. Your HR person in this situation totally in the best interest of the integrity of the company will feel obliged to say something. HR is in some ways legally obligated to protect the company from potentially dangerous legal or otherwise situations. This type of information in there hands only mean that you will be forced to leave, but one way or another will have to be disassociated from the company in order to keep there best interest at heart.

4). You are considering whether to become a full time mom. While you are entitled to maternity leave.  Leaking this type of information to your HR company, whether it is just a thought or not will prompt them into putting things in place for your eventual permanent leave of absence. Remember HR will always make decisions in the best interest of the employer. If they have to question your reliability or commitment. Do not put them into a position where they feel like they need to make a life altering decision on your part. 

5). You lied about something during the interview process. In most cases HR will look into the things that you placed on your resume, it would be a crying shame if any of these things turn out to be untrue. And when we say crying shame we mean that you will be crying and ashamed when they ask you to step down aka leave. No matter the position that you have risen too, false qualifications will cause you to loose your job and further tarnish your reputation in other potential work places, if they were to find out why you were fired.