Thursday, 23 June 2016

What does Facebook have coming next for their website?

So, according to the researchers over at Princeton University, Facebook is heading for a serious downward spiral in 2017! They report a predicted lose of approximately 80% of it's users in 2017. Of course Facebook data scientist are calling the report utter non sense and saying basically it is baseless and untrue. 

Now, from where we sit, Facebook has had a rather good run, and is still going quite strong, at least in the Caribbean. We are sure that if they do an impromptu survey, they will show great results in terms of how many users they still have and how well people are receiving their site. Like all companies online or off, they will have to continue to innovate their product so as to keep the appeal and the loyalty of the ever changing young audience's attention. But, by no means we can actually foresee such a massive downturn of events, We think that focusing more heavily on the security of the users personal information and finding creative ways to limit the amount of access the young and trouble prone audience aka teenagers have to the amount of data they upload, access and share would also work in their favor. Here's a helpful tip (if anyone is reading from Facebook) perhaps you guys should consider the profile growing with the individual type of thing, you know like -- you are 15 yeas old, so your profile will have certain limitations than that of an 18 year old, and both would be unlike that of a 21 year old and so on..... This would reduce a lot of the trouble that societies globally are having with the information giant and take it out of the problem area of the internet. Who knows if they find a great and effective way to do this they might stand such a great chance of growing their audience that places in the world that banned them; like some Asian countries may just open the door and let them in. 

In each age bracket should be allowed something different as far as user experience, as we explained above for obvious reasons. But, let's take it a bit further and even go as far to say that each age group desire and would enjoy different things from their online experience. For instance ages 10-17 definitely would enjoy a place where they can personalize it and make it their own, a place they can customize and show their personalities, with more emphasis on sharing video's, games and instant messaging, (Perhaps even allowing people to monetize their content). A place where if their are any advertisements, they are limited to the age group. Meanwhile, the more adult user may not desire so much customization as they might be looking to network and grow businesses, and maybe even prospect on a potential relationship etc. And, well the user in between (the ever blossoming young adult) they something different as per the generational needs as well. Diversifying in such a way would certainly allow for growth and longevity of the Facebook brand. Not to mention gain back mass amounts of trust in parents as well as even countries in the internet giant Facebook brand. Oh, and news flash to Facebook, stop forcing users to download your messenger app in order to enjoy messenger. Not every one has a phone with room enough to do so and guess what this gives way for brands like whatsapp to shine. Work on your accessibility. Facebook has everything other apps have and can very well stay ahead of the game, but may be loosing out simply to the user experience, and the accessibility.

Over at the tech giant Techcrunch Facebook has long debunked the rumors, but, it is yet to be seen as 2017 is upon us.

The main take away from this is that the next step that Facebook should consider is blogging for certain age groups and monetization worldwide....we guarantee you that this will retain and even gain you millions of users.