Saturday, 14 May 2016

Expert hacks to increase blog traffic

Increase your blog traffic by over 200% with these expert hacks!

  • Target your content to people likely to share.
On inception of your blog to the vast space that is the world wide web it is of utmost importance that you find the niche of people that are huge fans of the internet and use it as reading material while sharing with others. Target them with your content and encourage them to share, like and comment as much as possible.
  • Participate in communities that is your audience.
Now that you have found the people that use the internet best, and you have targeted your content to their interest, based on what they are most likely to share, like and follow. It is time to participate in their communities. Participating in their groups and forums online. Show that you care about their concerns and you may even have some solution. In this always reference you blog and it's contents.
Search Engine Optimization will provide you with the gateway into the million dollar club on the internet. Most bloggers ignore this key tool. But those that do usually don't catch the million dollar train. It is tricky business, but when done it ensures search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others can search your content and lists it in their search results at a rank that would provide most traffic. The above link provided will give you the ticket you need for perfect SEO for your blog, website or even YouTube channel.
This is pretty self explanatory....Social media exists in order to help people make connections, and reduce the gap that exists between, oceans, cities and continents. Using it to build your blog traffic is a given. Have great pages on every forum where you can keep your readers up to date on your blog content, see what they are up to and into and give them more of that. This allows for you to stimulate relationships and conversations with them. This builds familiarity and makes the relationship with your readers a more trustworthy one. The key though, is using each social media medium in the optimal way in which is should be used and the link above can show you that. It would make the difference between a blogger that has a social media platform of 3 million plus and the blogger that has a social media platform of 100 followers.
Google Google Google....... the internet mastermind that is google, has a vast array of products and services that would optimize the performance of any blog. One of which is Google Analytics. Google analytics is a tool used by every serious webpage on the internet to track the performance of every aspect of the site. And you need to have it on your site as well. It allows for better decision making when it comes to traffic and content for the assure health of your web presence. 
Keywords are the equivalent of social trends, excepts it is on the internet. Keywords are, like SEO; a huge part of showing up in search engines. Google has a helpful tool Google Adwords Keyword Planner that makes this process a lot easier, so that you can research and use terms in your content that would make it more likely for google and other search engines to lists your webpage at a higher rank. 
Social sharing communities such as Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon are perfect simple ways of sharing your links to readers in as well as outside of your niche. It is also a place where people recommend whats worth reading and what isn't, which would provide you with great feedback as to how ell your content is performing and what you need to enhance.

Some social sharing communities are:
  • Participate in online Q&A's
Online Q&A's are a great way to stimulate interest in your blog content and an even better way of generating more content by giving people information of the topic of the greatest interest to them, of course using your blog or website as the primary vessel for said information.

Some online Q&A Sites are:

  • Amazon askville
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Stack Overflow
  • Super users
  • Linkedin Answers

    • Uncover the link to your fellow bloggers
    Collaborations are a great way to; for lack of better words, share the wealth of readers online. Link high ranking blogs to your website and get those blogs and sites to link you to theirs as well. 

    • Be consistent! Do not give up! 
    It's in the title, BE CONSISTENT AND DO NO GIVE UP! Most people give up right at the point where the success is not going to begin. If you work diligently at this the results will eventually show. Consistently post to your blog, and or website everyday if possible, use optimized keywords and SEO, as well as images. Have a scheduled upload date and time so that readers can in turn schedule you into their day or week. Commit to the process, and the process will commit to you. Do not give up! Rome was not built in a day, and neither was an online blog, website or network. 

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