Monday, 16 May 2016

Latest Musical Technology products of 2016

All you need to know about musical Technology is finally all in one place. Welcome to a well compiled listing with product links of all the latest musical technology products of 2016.

As per our usual efficiency, you can click on the product image for more awesome details.

Coming in at number 1). Wireless Airbuds

These wireless head buds are an expected, but still very welcomed creation. Naturally, it makes things a lot of sense since we have the wireless headphones. These though are a bit less bulky making them a choice in favor of convenience, and ease of transport.

Number 2). Glow Laser Headphones

Fitting really perfect within the ear, these laser light headphones are for those who shop based on usability and aesthetics. 

Number 3). Wireless Studios, wifi guitar cable

No routers, no cables, no fuss. Plug, push and play. Works with any guitar, amp or pedal, making it instantly wireless.

Number 4). Live wireless DJ Controllers

We all have seen these bad boys around, but if you exists in the world of music and don't own one. There is no time like the present. Click he pic for all the amazing specs.

Number 5). The Jamstick portable guitar.

Cool right! We know, this guitar is truly revolutionary and by no means traditional. No bulk or wires. This guitar is a true game changer. 

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