Wednesday, 11 May 2016

In the Forbes business world

We are all business people and aspiring business people here. We all can appreciate that if a company is doing extremely well chances are that company has been spotted by or is in some way linked to or highlighted by the best of the best and that is Forbes. 

That being said, we have decided to begin a little segment called "In the Forbes business world"

Basically highlighting tidbits of helpful information that the good people at Forbes has to share with us laymen on how we can think more like millionaires and in turn hopefully become one someday.

Today, we will be highlighting the top 5 business trends that will drive success in 2016 as Forbes have stated. 

1). Connecting Customers

Simply put, it is more valuable today to build connections than it is to build assets, the most valuable companies will invest focus into connecting buyers directly to sellers and/or consumers directly to content. 

Check this out:

  1. Uber is the largest “taxi” company – yet they own no vehicles and excel at connecting riders with drivers.
  2. AirBnB is the largest provider of accommodations – yet they own no real estate.
  3. Facebook is the largest media company – yet they create no content.
  4. Crowdfunding businesses like Kickstarter and IndiGoGo are expected to surpass venture capital for funding in 2016 – yet they have no funds to invest.
I know right! Bloody amazing!, but very true :)

2). Businesses will embrace millennials

Ahh yess!, Millennials, a generation that we relate very strongly too. From 1947 -2010, these babies are now the largest segment of the population today, meaning largest customer base as well as everything else. They hold all segments, including soon to be the largest generation of business owners, Millennials have a powerful voice and a unique perspective. They are worth investing in because they are our future tomorrow.

3). Invest in customer service

This is pretty self explanatory, in that the pulse of every company is a great customer service team. Without great customer service, people get put off and disinterested in your products and services no matter how great they are. Why? because, in the same way that you eat with your eyes first, presentation is everything,....if a company presents in a bad way the product will not be perceived to be good or worth having. Smart companies will make sure to invest in the way they are represented so as to keep the customers satisfied and coming back for more.

4). Deliver Results, not just solutions

A good company, interested in remaining as such and growing and diversifying itself and its customer base will focus not only on solutions, but delivering near perfect results. Simply put, high customer satisfaction equals happy and returning customer and many referrals. Too many companies offer solutions, with no promise of successful results. Investing in an assured positive result is investing in a well maintained client base.

5). Integrate Content Marketing into the selling process

Essentially, Mr, Ian Altman begs that in the interest of becoming successful and remaining at the competitive forefront in your industry invest in content marketing. As he explained it, everyone does research online before investing into a product, service or company. It is no longer enough to simply send in your best sales person, as before most clients meet with the sales or marketing personnel, they have already done mass research on the product of service that they might be potentially investing in. So, ask yourself this, do you want your clients to learn  about your company's products or services via strangers or via you? This is where content marketing comes in. Invest in it and when they look you up, they have a credible source of authentic information that can better guide them to becoming a valued customer.