Monday, 23 May 2016

How the internet works

How does the internet work? Are there actually place on this earth that the labyrinth of cables and wireless signals do not reach? 

Let's take a look into how the internet works as we continue to be baffled by the list of  Countries that do not allow the internet.

The internet is made up of wireless connections, mobile devices and satellites. At the core of the internet however, are fiber optic cables that criss-cross across the vastness of oceans. Today they connect all continents apart from Antarctica and also include most island nations. Did you know that many developing countries for example Africa depend mostly on the mobile connections in order to access the internet. In further research we even found that satellites are in actuality the slowest means of accessing the internet. The satellite responsible for all the heavy lifting of the internet and all like processes is called the Iridium Satellite. This satellite coverage extends over the entire world which makes it a more viable choice when seeking to get connected even though it is not the most reliable in terms of speed. 

The Ob3 Network recently launched four satellites that orbit a lot closer to the earth thereby increasing the dependability of the satellite source for communication. For the ones still suffering from  lack there of of the internet our friends at Google (whom else) have launched a project called Loon that promises to rectify the internet free zones. .....ahh Google, back at it again with the world domination projects. (Gotta love it). 

But, in the rare occasion that the internet superhero' Google don't save the day, there are other technologies hat are seeking to make accessing the internet a lot easier for those without it that remain around the world. You can still escape the internet in under ground tunnels, in some trains, and subways and even caves. However, if there is even the slightest hint of a cell tower nearby this problem can easily be fixed. 

There are place in the world that truly avoid the internet such as India, and can you blame them for saying no and choosing to remain isolated from the web of the world. Maybe one day more communities might partake in the digital detox from the internet and other like systems, but until then, lets enjoy the surf!