Monday, 23 May 2016

Places in the world without the internet

According to the Washington Post, there are over 4.4 billion people around the world without the internet. We know! We couldn't believe the figures either. I mean with the internet dominating our lives and all, we couldn't image how people even function without it. 

Every aspect of our day to day lives involves the internet, we even carry it around in our pockets in the form of a phone. Sigh (sad truth). So who are these 4.4 billion people and where do they hail from. Let's have a look see shall we. 

  1. Belarus
  2. Burma
  3. China
  4. Cuba
  5. Egypt
  6. Iran
  7. North Korea
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Syria
  10. Tunisia
  11. Turkmenistan
  12. Uzbekistan
  13. Vietnam
Now, we can all sit and speculate as to more than one reason why these non American regions of the world have opted for no participation if not very little in the saga, that is the internet (wink, wink). However, one has to wonder if this type of digital detox may be something that the world might need to partake in more often. After all the people in these countries especially China, do live a lot longer than the rest of the world. Hmmmm, I wonder if their internet lifestlye choices has anything to do with it? Check out our post on how the internet works and see how these countries are managing to evade the internet.