Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Passive Income.....will it work if you live in the Caribbean? (PART 1)

Today this topic came to mind and I must say it is one that I have been researching for ever now. I reside in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago and time and time again the economy goes from good to bad to mediocre at best and it leaves one wondering if there is another way to make things work a bit easier. You know without having to depend on the ebb and flows of a third world economy. And the answer is yes! Now, finding the answer was the easy part, implementing the steps it takes to gain access to these life changing means of passive income not so easy. 

Firstly, for all who haven't caught on to what I.m referring to when I say passive income, let me answer and tell you are looking at it. Yes, I am referring to the not so hidden secret of making a living online. As crazy ad it sounds it is very much a known and well, (very, extremely well) developed means of making a living, However, not so much in third world countries such as sweet T&T. Plus who knows if this catches on in Trinidad, more than likely it would be taxed severely by the government, lol....on a serious note though, that's not such a bad thing as well, the economy would benefit as it would be well stimulated.

That being said, lets get back on tract, does one go about earning a passive income online? Is it a costly venture? What does one need in order to qualify? and where does one need apply? Let me answer these...

To answer the above questions in random order, one does not need any qualifications in order to start earning quite a handsome living via the internet. All that is required is well a good computer and even better internet connection, and away you go, you qualify and have all the necessary tools in order to earn a living online. Now if you are interested in the many ways in which you can begin earning a living online in the Caribbean, stay tuned to this blog for part 2. In the mean time do not forget to like, follow, tell your friend and just SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!