Sunday, 22 May 2016

Top 5 most powerful blogs in the world

With over 7.1 million likes on Facebook and over 4.3 million followers on Google+, this news mega power house is the definition of online success. They host discussions and articles on everything from elections, to comedy, to health, to entertainment, plus everything in between. Only the best write for the auspicious site in all of it's local and international editions. We are pretty sure you have read an article or 2 written by the Huffington post. But in case you haven't check them out.

This award winning blog and directory of stuff has silently made a dent (clears throat) ummm we mean made a ginormous sink hole in the nature of blogs to this date. And we mean that in a great way. With the simplest of layouts, coupled with a massive amount of hard work. They show that all the fancy techie stuff sometimes is not what is needed to be successful online. Content and all the right moves will more than beat out the competition. 
This go to online tech giant, has everyone  at their doorstep anytime we've got a tech related question we need answered. Powered by Wordpress......yes we said Wordpress VIP, this site's success is as much offline as it is online. They frequently host events that contribute to the inflow of revenue to their company. But all in all would never have been able to do these events and offline jobs had they not dominated in their online presence first.
If it's happening in America, you better believe that talking points memo is covering it, and covering it very well might we add. Breaking news is their forte, they are the go to source for what's happening the now as far as politics. We all know that no other place in the world does the political scape affect the entire world like the that of America. Talking points memo has easily become a staple in every house hold for what they cover. In fact if you can excuse us, we just read that Mr. Donald Trump is ahead in the US Presidential race...(brb - be right back)....we need to get that scoop...

For those who need to keep abreast with pop culture, tech news or even shop, Mashable is for you. With breaking news on what's trending and all the latest details in between. Mashable has earned a spot in this list and on our computer screens. Out and about since 2005, this internet power house isn't going any where any time soon.