Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Passive Income......will it work if you live in the Caribbean? (PART 2)

So at this point, it's safe to say I have your attention. You have a job, but is open to more as do us all. How can you begin this journey of earning a living online? 

Well, now that we have established that you have the tools for what it takes to join the international and even some local online earners. You have to ask yourself a few things, 

  1. How bad do you want a passive income?
  2. How hard are you willing to work for it?
  3. Are you willing to dedicate the time needed for it to be launched properly to the point where you no longer have to manage it day in and day out? 
Now, if the answer to these questions are all correct and only you will know if they are, then you are ready to begin the journey. When I say journey, I mean a full on journey, with ups and downs, requiring serious passionate dedication. Possible side effects, loss of sleep, loss of social life and paranoia. Surprise! Like everything in life, nothing worth having is easy and so is earning an income online, it is by no means as walk in the park. Well, maybe if the park is times square at the wee hours of the morning and all the electricity left New York at that moment....then maybe that park would be a perfect description of the type of journey you have before you.

But, as I mentioned before, if the answers to the above questions are correct and you want change and financial freedom as bad as you think, then this journey is for you and you will succeed at it. 

Now that we have established how difficult this is going to be and how bad you want it. We can hold hands and proceed to part 3 of this series, where I show you many many many ways in which you can begin and maintain a very healthy on line company and by extension, passive income.

Stay Tuned!.....